8 comments on “I was disappointed with my friends’ advice

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Greg. Nowhere does it say that following Jesus will be safe or easy…just fulfilling and live-giving.

  2. Right on Greg! A strategic time for Afghanistan, and also a strategic time for us. God has so much to do through us and *in* us too. A place like Afghanistan can be a monumental piece of both.

  3. Well, too bad you didn’t talk to us! I would have said “go for it Greg and Nancy!”. Afghanistan is filled with people loved by God who desperately deserve a chance to get to know real people who love Jesus. God never tells us to go where we will be “safe”. Safety is described as being in the center of God’s will, not by a location without violence. Look at the people who die because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time in a location everyone thinks is safe!

    In my opinion, mature believers too often “retire” and go golfing. I think that the years of experience that a mature believer has uniquely fits him or her for roles in other lands that young people cannot fill. Only in our second half of life (as Richard Rohr puts it in his great book called Falling Upward) are we secure enough in ourselves that we can be in a place of ministry that really is all about the other person and not subtly about making a name for ourselves, finding ourselves or proving ourselves. The world needs more grandparents that are willing to cross cultures and move across the globe to love those who need to know that Jesus loves them. This is one reason we are spending almost 3 months later this year in New Delhi.

    So, although the door may now have closed for this particular role, look for that window of opportunity and then don’t be faint-hearted! Go for it…and encourage other mature believers to do so as well.

  4. I would say it is not too late. If God has given you: 1) eyes to see that the eternal weight of glory and the worthiness of the Lamb that slain to receive glory and honor far exceeds the value of worldly safety and comfort, 2) a heart to recognize that the best time for bringing the light of the gospel to the most unreached is Today(!), and 3) a godly and supportive wife who sees these things as well, then you are abundantly blessed, brother. Blessed to be a blessing! How about forgetting the fancy-schmancy “chief executive role” which in God’s plan didn’t pan out for whatever reason, and just head on out to Afghanistan anyway? The opportunities are manifold. There doesn’t have to be a “job opening” in order to go. It is not too late!

  5. Wow….Greg….Thanks for this ….Am praying to for Afghanistan….the land of my boyhood and the environment for my becoming a follower of Jesus……..K A B U L…….a city with potential

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