2 comments on “Terror won this time. Let’s adjust our strategy.

  1. Not sure I entirely agree with you here. As a nation, I think we reached out as well as we could. They were given refuge here – help with living and education. Apparently, esp. the younger, was warmly loved and had many friends and opportunities. They chose the dark side – evil in its ugliest form after having been shown the light. Yes, as Christians we need to keep offering Christ, but some choose to reject Him. We need not beat ourselves up about failure. They failed – evil won, but not forever.

  2. You might be right about people’s efforts to reach out to those guys. I don’t know. Nevertheless, regardless of the effort, the good guys lost and terror won. As in other areas of life, we sometimes loose even when we give our best effort. Those times become learning opportunities. How can we bet better? I’m not advocating that we “beat ourselves up.” A better word might be “reflection.” We can reflect on the situation and improve our outreach strategies.

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