3 comments on “Half Marathon Review

  1. Awesome story, Greg. In two weeks, on 10/21, my 29-year old, Amy and I are running in the Hershey Half. This will be her first and my third, but our races will be reversed from your experience. I will face a challenge to keep up with her. Three knee surgeries (2 on left and 1 on right) may have something to do with that, but I have trained better for this one than the first two, so we’ll see. What has helped is that Amy lives close enough that we have trained together, running together on our long run days. That has been a real bonding experience, especially on the Saturday mornings (and there’s been a few) when she’s knocking on my bedroom door saying “Dad get up, it’s time to run!” It has been hard work but doing it along with my daughter has made it a joy, as you share. Looking forward to a couple weeks from now when I will hear from my first-born, “Get up, Dad, it’s race day!”

    • Great Dave! I hope you have as much fun as Allison and I did. There is something special about bonding with a daughter. (Don’t tell her, but I am rooting for you! :))

  2. Oh that is such a great story. So glad you guys had such a great time! Sorry, my expectations were so low. I made my guess before I read your blog. I’ll do better next time. I’m proud of you both!

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