2 comments on “When hurting helps

  1. Great post, Greg and quite thought-provoking.

    Still, it would be difficult to be the one receiving the advice, as well as, being the one “dishing out” the painful exhortation. I think you really have to do this in a spirit of love that would be difficult if you were a stranger, as this man. I wonder if the girl really “took it to heart” or dismissed this well-intentioned coach as someone who “has no right to talk to me like that.” A person that you know and that has already demonstrated they have good intentions or someone whose reputation proceeds them would be an easier one from whom to take advice, even good advice, The wounds are endured more easily when they ARE from a friend and not just from some guy who happened to sit next to you in the airport.

  2. Good thoughts Chuck. There is also the factor of humility of the recipient of the advice. In this case, the girl seemed to be taking in what he was saying. I think this encouraged him to continue. I don’t think she will simply dismiss his advice.

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