2 comments on “Can a 54 year old perform like his 20 year old body did?

  1. On Saturday I took a class in machine quilting. Very difficult – takes a lot of concentration and coordination. The instructor said one needs to practice for about 300 hours before one becomes proficient in it. I want to be able to do it, but do I want to spend that much time? Hmmmm ..

  2. Wow, almost hitting 7-minute miles again. Impressive. I have recently started running (or jogging) again, but I am lucky to break 10 minutes per mile at this point. I remember being able to do a 10K under 40, but that was many years (and quite a few pounds) ago. You have inspired me, Greg. I probably will never break a 7-minute mile again, but maybe a few months from now perhaps I could break 8.

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